Intelife Income Trust

Background - Intelife Security & Automation LTD.

Founded in 2013, Intelife Security & Automation Ltd. commenced offering professional service and expertise in designing and installing Security & Smart Home Automation systems . It is a fully integrated operation that provides marketing, account generation, installations, customer service, client retention, account maintenance, and ongoing administrative support.

Company Overview - Intelife LP

The Intelife Partnership was formed to acquire carry on business in the security and smart home automation industry in Canada. The security and smart home automation market is comprised of the sale of networked devices and related services that provide security monitoring and regulation of various functions in households. Intelife Partnership has entered into an exclusive agreement with Intelife Security pursuant to which the Partnership will acquire residential customer accounts and commercial business accounts from Intelife Security on a discounted basis. Customer Accounts generate predictable recurring monthly revenue (“RMR”).

Investment Mandate – Intelife Income Trust

  • Acquire long term Recurring Monthly Revenue contracts at a discount.
  • Create diversification within the portfolio by onboarding 1000s of new households per year.
  • Provide investors with monthly tax advantaged distributions and long term growth potential.

Download: Term Sheet and Brochure